Maya Spiritual Bath

30 MINUTES consultation prior to bath

60 minutes spiritual bath duration


Spiritual bathing is an ancient ritual found in most cultures. Maya spiritual bathing is a healing practice that helps remove emotional obstacles.  The vibrational power of water along with plants, sacred copal incense, and prayerful intention can free you from the past and reconnect you to your soul force.

Spiritual dis-ease leads to physical dis-ease and Maya healing techniques recognizes the connection between the body’s illnesses, the diseases of the soul, and one’s attitude towards Life.

The Maya believe there are 4 main spiritual illnesses that can disrupt one’s Life force, or ch’ulel.

Susto - Fear, Fright, Shock

Pesar - Grief or Loss

Tristeza - Sadness or Depression

Envida - Envy or Jealousy

In a Maya spiritual bath, a consultation is necessary to determine your healing requests.  Medicinal plants, flowers, and herbs are then gathered with gratitude and prayerful intention.  The bath is placed in the sun or under the light of the moon to increase the water’s vibrational healing power, allowing for your highest healing potential.  Fresh rosemary and sacred copal incense are also used during the Maya bath.  Rosemary is used for purification.  Copal is an energy tool that is linked to the crown chakra and helps strengthen the auric body, removing energy blockages and lifts prayers up.  Copal incense is used burned to clear negative energy, as well.

A Mayan Spiritual Bath

  • Lifts your spirit
  • Removes negativity and obstacles that block you from achieving goals
  • Helps bring closure to trauma
  • Releases fear, grief, resentment, envy, and anxiety
  • Brings clarity, courage, and confidence

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Video by Michael Preston