Spiritual Coaching (with cacao sipping)

60 MINUTES duration

In spiritual coaching, you have the opportunity to be inspired to see YOU and your relationships through the eyes of your soul.  Through storytelling and reflective conversation, you will have the freedom to reevaluate your own spiritual path and connect to self and purposeful passion.

Opening with sipping cacao (chocolate in its raw form), you will receive spiritual support focused on holistic healing.

Image by Susie Vandi for Evolve Wellness Centre

Image by Susie Vandi for Evolve Wellness Centre

Did you know that chocolate is medicine?  The Ancient Mayans used cacao for spiritual and ceremonial purposes.  Today, cacao ceremonies are held all over the world!  Cacao opens one’s heart and promotes connection to self and higher wisdom.  It is a portal to the spirit world.

Cacao Magic, used in our sippings, is an unroasted raw cacao which helps bring your feminine within.  It balances male and female energies, allowing you to receive inspiration (female) and act on it (male).

Why WOULDN’T you want to step into a higher dimension, bring a little heaven to earth, and sip cacao?

Open your heart; connect with your higher self and SEE the answers YOU hold within.  Expand your creativity; balance energies, and have FUN!


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