My Rock.

Every morning I walk the desert path near my Tucson home. I seek to walk on the earth and not the asphalt, veering off through wild flowers and brush. I find more interesting things in nature there and can talk to myself more freely. I talk aloud and without ear buds in, I’ve gotten a few looks. I keep talking and walking. I smile and think, they ought to be thankful I’m not yelling.

Much has happened on this spiritual detoxification journey to the Tucson desert. So much, in fact, if I shared all at once, it would be like talking with my mouth full. Not only is that disgusting, it’s harder to understand.

As I unpack, chew, and slowly digest everything, I intend to share bit by bit.

I’ve been waking at 5:00 a.m., per my request, and begin walking before 6:00.

I’m up. I just don’t always JUMP up and out.

A few mornings ago as I walked, the sun cast a shadow upon Mt. Lemmon in such a beautiful way. The gravel path outstretched in front of me and curved out of sight.

I think and talk on these walks. First, I give gratitude and appreciation for BEing here. I always invite all my guides to join me on my walks. I imagine they float beside me or above me.

Second, I give thanks to Source Energy and all beings of Love and Light who are always with me, blessing me. I give appreciation for the beauty around me. Always.

How did I get here?

As people arrived to the recent full moon cacao ceremony I hosted, I heard, “How did you find this place?”

It’s an incredibly cute 2 bedroom home. Decorated in mostly blue, my favorite color, with a picture of a white wolf in the entry, my Spirit animal, and a large framed image of Mother Mary in the kitchen, an Ascended Master and often referred to as the Queen of Angels. My up close and personal interaction with her is another story. A Mother Mary candle sits on my altar.

This place found me.

I was called to the desert. I SAW the ancestors. I FELT the energy of the mountains and the winds blowing through the desert. And I HEARD the heart beat of my drum.

Essentially, I knew no one before I arrived.

Yet, I heeded the call. That’s how I got here.

Am I on my path?

I don’t think you can ever be off your path.

I believe when we feel we have strayed off our path, that IS part of our path.

There are no mistakes; only lessons. If you keep making the same “mistakes”, you haven’t learned the lesson.

While we may meander on an offshoot for awhile and feel lost, we are still on our path.

A Native American Medicine Man came to the cacao ceremony. No hair, feathers on his head and dangling from both ears.

His smile exuded warmth, joy, and love.

Everyone brought their drum. I was reunited with mine that evening.

We spoke prayerful intentions into our cacao medicine and drank. For several minutes, the clinking of spoons was the only sound heard.

I put my empty mug down and began to sing, Thank You for this Day, Spirit, a song by Karen Drucker. I beat my drum.

When I finished, the Medicine Man turned to me and asked, “Where does your abundance come from?”

I was stunned.

A few hours earlier, I had a very emotional phone call. I had a decision to make that involved a huge financial commitment. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it.

I had less than $10 in my wallet and 2 carrots left in the fridge.

The Medicine Man didn’t allow me to answer his question.

“My abundance comes from being aligned with Source Energy,” he continued.

More stunned, I realized I wasn’t supposed to answer. In Divine timing, he was simply reminding ME of Truth.

We closed the ceremony outside and sang to La Luna. I hugged and thanked my new friends for coming.

As I gathered the mugs and cleaned up, my heart was filled with joy. I danced around the living room, picked up my drum, closed my eyes, and held her to my chest.

My drum in my arms, I looked at the altar I set for the evening: a long purple wrap gifted to me in India served as a table runner, white flowers in a vase, wild flowers from the yard, smoldering sage in my smudge pot, and the free will donation basket lay on top.

I looked in the basket.


The next morning, I skipped out the door and towards my Rock so quickly, I forgot to pee first and bring water.

Am I on my path?

Hell, yes!

Do I know where I’m going?



I’m going.

Pamela Burditt