Intuitive Session with Cacao

I met Pamela through common friends, then I started going to the power yoga classes she gave 3 times a week. Because of her strong intuition and knowledge in energy medicine, she could read my entire energy field and know that I was not in a happy place, nor aligned with my inner pilot light.

Through several heart opening cacao sippings, she listened to me and assisted me in understanding the emotional, psychological and physical reasons why I was not feeling happy while I thought I had it all!

A powerful healer and a wonderful Maya abdominal massage practitioner (the yoni steam… wow!), Pamela is also a friend, a sister and my spiritual guide on this journey to truth that I finally started a few months ago. Thanks to her, I am now walking steadily towards my  life purpose.

Josiane M., Montreal, Canada

My cacao session with Pamela was surprisingly amazing! At first, I was hesitant because I was afraid of what my soul might reveal to me. Originally, I rescheduled my session because I didn’t think I was in the right mindset or mental space. When I finally rescheduled, something in me shifted and I had the knowing that it was time. Before my intuitive session with cacao, I set an intention that only the truth, good intentions, and my highest truth me revealed to me. During the session, I felt clarity. My mind was clear and pure. The chatter of anxiety and anticipation quieted down; the edge was removed. After the session, I felt good all around. My well being was met with happiness and bliss! I felt like that for days! After a few weeks, I had the “knowing” that things were going to be okay. The best way to describe it was having the access to my soul; to my truth and that feeling hasn’t left. I feel more aligned with my soul than I’ve ever been. Thank you, Pamela, for this AND being part of my healing journey!

audrey swafford, tucson, az, usa

Mayan Spiritual Baths

I never had a Maya spiritual bath and though I didn’t know what to expect, Pamela exceeded my expectations!

She presented me with a spritzer of the bath she prepared for me before she set my feet in the bowl of beautiful flowers and plants.  There were marigolds, white roses, and more.  I entered the space and smelled a "sacred incense," which she said was copal.  She used rosemary sprigs on my wrists and forehead, and whispered prayers.

As I sat in the chair, she began to sprinkle the bath water on me, from head to toe, leaving a little to cover my feet.  She wrapped my in a sarong and I closed my eyes.

My relationship with my parents was always strained, especially with my mother. They had both recently passed, yet I suddenly felt their presence on either side of me.  They spoke of love and forgiveness, not necessarily for them, but for ME, so that I may forward in this life. They already moved on!

The energy was wonderful; though the experience was intense, i felt love in the room and safe with Pamela. I had never experienced anything like that!  I felt like my parents and I shared forgiveness and understanding; a sense of caring and love.

I would highly recommend a Maya spiritual bath with Pamela to help heal past wounds; fear, sadness, or any other spiritual dis­ease you’re experiencing!  Thank you, Pamela!

Lynn P., Minnesota, USA

Mayan Abdominal Therapy

After 3 surgeries for endometrial cancer, I found Pamela as a practitioner for Maya Abdominal massage.  Pamela’s intuitive healing sessions, massage, and education assisted in breaking p scar tissue from my surgeries and helped strengthen the area.  Less than a year after my surgeries, I visited my doctor that agreed the massage was greatly assisting in my healing.  Pamela has been a great support as I recover from cancer.  The massage not only assisted with physical symptoms such as intestinal pain and a weak bladder, but also helped with emotions.  I highly recommend Pamela to assist in your healing path!

Jenn A., Costa Rica

Every day I crave one of Pamela’s abdominal massages.  Or any treatment she would bless me with.  She is deeply sincere when sharing her gifts.  Her kindness is like being wrapped in the safes place possible.  A sort of grace filled with an impenetrable shield.  And the combination leaves one almost excited to release.  My first spiritual bath with Pamela, we cried, we held.  I cherish her offerings and use them as a catalyst to move forward!

Lynn P., Minnesota, USA

Pamela! What a wonderful treat. Anyone looking for self healing and self care will benefit from scheduling with you! I loved my Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy treatment. Your space is homey, with beautiful candle light, so peaceful. The treatment divine! Such a perfect blend of physical touch and energy work guided by your amazing intuition. I was way overdue for an ATMAT treatment, and I am sooo pleased with the quality of treatment I received for You! Grateful to have you in Tucson for the summer!

Thank you!

P.S. Just in case it’s not clear, I highly recommend getting on Pamela’s schedule while she is in town! You will be so glad you did!!!

Angela Wojtowicz, ND. TUCSON, AZ

As Registered Nurses we are taught Western medicine is the end all, be all. Eastern medicine isn’t particularly spoke of. Pamela made me realize more than I could’ve ever dreamed. Although I was extremely apprehensive about holistic healing, it was a new adventure I was willing to try. And boy, am I glad I did! It was as if if was fate that brought us together. She just happened to be in my hometown-a long, long way from Costa Rica, where she lives. I chose an ATMAT session and herbal yoni steam for my first appointment, as my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and it hasn’t happened yet. The research I did shows that ATMAT will help with infertility. I truly believe that my spirit needed Pamela. She showed my spirit and womb that I AM a Goddess and capable of all things. She taught me positivity and in my little world of negativity I was living in, it was a hard pill to swallow. She was able to elicit feelings from me that I’ve never said aloud to anyone. There were tears, and overall, smiles. I left my first session with her a whole new woman! A more spirit conscious woman. I am beyond thankful for Pamela; for her kind words and for helping me realize that the energy we give out to the Universe is the energy we receive. Emit positivity and gratitude. It will come back full circle. My heart and spirit are happy!

Arianna, icu registered nurse, tucson, az usa

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

All I can say is... incredible!  From what I’ve known before about Cranio-Sacral, it is not even close to what I experienced with Pamela.  Her hands are just as magical as she is!  I can’t even find words for what I felt during the Cranio-Sacral session.

Pamela brought me into another dimension and let me feel emotions; let me feel my body in a way I never experienced before.  In a peaceful environment and with professional skill, she helped me to surrender what blocked me inside and to finally let go and feel myself again.

I highly recommend Pamela’s Cranio-Sacral session as she is passionate and always extends her knowledge.  But most important, she takes the time you need!  I am more than grateful we shared this intense moment with each other.

Thank you, Pamela. You are more than just a wonderful human being!

Julia E., Germany

At first I was rocking gently on top of the ocean waves, cool blue green holding me up.  As Pamela continued, I started to sink into the wave.  The wave enveloped me, washing me in love and healing.  My feet felt connected to Mother Earth.  Crystal caves of energy appeared.  I felt the energy from the universe through my crown merge with the earth energy in my body.  When Pamela touched my sacrum, my organs woke and grumbled.  The light within my solar plexus grew so strong and pure.  I became the wave.  We were one.  When she touched my back and chest, thick emerald green fluid swirled from my heart everywhere.  I felt a longing; pain and tears; a deep, wrenching sadness.  I took deep breaths of healing energy.  I loved her gentle touch to my brows and ears; a womb-like soothing and clearing.

Even after her hands left by body, my whole being rocked with the ocean.  I felt my energies center were more clear; more aligned; peace and rainbows reigned.

Finally, I returned to my body.

Through her energy, Pamela told me to let go.  To forgive and heal my relationships with my mother and ex-husband.  Thirty minutes after our session, I “accidently” ran into my ex-husband.  We talked and I forgave him. I also spiritually released my mother again.

Later, I was inspired with creative ideas in journaling and sewing; and to become part of Mother Earth’s grid.

I felt floaty several days after my session with Pamela; a totally positive healing experience.

Thanks Pamela!

Deborah G., Missouri, USA

Pamela’s touch is divine. Literally. Let me explain.

Her touch is heavy and yet, light. It is supportive, yet, I float.

As she used her touch, energy, and gifts with me, I started to see colors. Just the usual ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow…); basic ones.

Then came more elaborate ones; ones of different hues my physical eyes had never seen. More and more appeared until I suddenly jolted and enveloped in white light.

All the colors came at once.

And there was my Maker, my Source, my God. The white light was clear and beautiful!

I was reminded I posses ‘it’ all. I didn’t need to be afraid, confused, or work so hard.

But as I wanted to move toward the Light, I did need to return to my physical body. I didn’t want to go back.

My earthly time was not done. Rather, it was time to remember I already have all love and goodness; time to go deeper into my purpose and share with others.

I have had many sessions of energy work with various healers. And I must say, and emphasize, NO ONE takes me where Pamela does.

She guides me to where things are pure, simple, and obvious. When I come off her table, I too, am clear with the direction I go next.

She is a true healer.

My gratitude abounds for the tender and loving way she shares her talents.

I cannot say it enough, Pamela, your gifts are powerful, tender, and so genuine.

I am in awe.

And I hold you in deep, deep, gratitude.



I recently experienced a Cranio-Sacral/Reiki session with Pamela.  I have been delightedly falling within and staggering around in my body since!  I am a very down to earth, practical woman and found my experience to be somewhat bizarre and crazy AND worldy all at once!  So satisfyingly real!

I lay on the table and began to ready myself with slow, steady deep breathes.  I was so excited to be on Pamela’s table again and knew I would receive love and healing.  The whole session was so gentle and smooth and enveloped my being.  Every movement was smooth that I quickly lost track of the sequence of touching and her work.  Pamela’s touch was so loving.

I was so grateful to the Universe and my spirit guides.  I felt crystals and Mother Earth guide me.  I felt the crystal energy deep in my own mother and up to my knees and pelvis; the Universal energy came through my crown, head, and throat, mixing in my heart.  It was pure love.

Pamela started ever so gently with my head.  White puffy clouds appeared.  I felt as though the ocean was peacefully rocking me; cleansing sea washed over me and waves bubbled energy no longer useful to me out my fingers and toes.  She moved down to my torso and I felt a sharp, quick pain on my left side that went down to my groin.  My right arm twitched intermittently throughout the session.

When Pamela touched my sacrum, it felt like huge volcanic fire shot from my root chakra out into space!  It was almost too big until she put her arm across my abdomen.  The fire calmed itself into an external heater of burning chunk of red love and moved from orange-yellow to a bright golden white inside me.  This golden white light cleaned out the cobwebs of brokenness and shame, turning my heart to a green color.

I felt like Mother Earth was making me a warrior woman of flowing, green love.  When Pamela held my feet in her hands, I felt like I was swaying above the earth, in the endless stars; a sliver thread attached my body to Earth.

I wept from the emotional battles I’ve had with myself and my mother.

When Pamela placed her hands over my face (during the Reiki session), the veil peeled back a thick black layer, then a white layer, to reveal a rainbow universe of beautiful ethereal stars.  It was so exquisite, my heart cried with joy.  A voice within told me, this is all you; all your knowledge and power.  When she held my head in her hands, I saw a beautiful transparent rainbow of light; 360 degrees flowing counter clockwise into the earth, stars, and universe.

Sadly, I knew I had to return to my body.

After the session, Pamela encouraged me to resolve my issues with my ex-husband and to speak my truth while doing so.  He happened to be in town visiting our son and we had dinner that evening.  During our conversation, I was able to forgive my ex and myself!

Was my experience real?!  Was it Pamela’s energy?  Did all this just happen?!

This is what I took away from my session with Pamela;

That I am who I want to be; a natural encourager; a compassionate, rainbow warrior; a woman flowing her bliss from Mother Earth to the Universe in love, peace, balance, and harmony.

Thank you my darling Pamela for your healing hands, willing heart, and beautiful spirit.  I am blessed to know you!

Deborah G., Missouri, USA